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We Are Dedicated To Serving The Oviedo Community And Each Other

In Oviedo, when members of our community or brother face difficulties, we step up to assist. We are committed to supporting each other through service, love, and friendship. By working together, we help those in need, reinforcing our community bonds and ensuring that everyone in Oviedo has the support they need during challenging times. 

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Our Lodge is deeply committed to supporting a wide array of charitable causes that positively impact our community and beyond. Among our notable initiatives are the Adopt-a-Road program, which helps keep our streets clean and beautiful, and Camp Boggy Creek, a place where children with disabilities can enjoy a camp experience in a safe and supportive environment. Additionally, we actively promote Autism Awareness to increase understanding and support for individuals and families affected by autism. Our dedication extends to many other worthy causes, reflecting our Masonic principles of generosity and service. As Masons, we wholeheartedly embrace the principle of giving, striving to support our fellow members of the human family to the fullest extent of our abilities. 

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Masonic Lodge Officers are members who hold specific positions of responsibility within a Masonic Lodge, overseeing its operations, rituals, and activities to ensure the smooth functioning and adherence to Masonic principles.

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