W∴ Wascar Aquino

Worshipful Master

The Worshipful Master, symbolized by the Square, is the highest-ranking officer of a Masonic Lodge, presiding over all Lodge business and rituals, and is responsible for the overall functioning and leadership of the Lodge.

Bro. Greg Connell

Senior Warden

The Senior Warden, represented by the Level, is the second-in-command, assisting the Worshipful Master, and assumes his duties in his absence, overseeing the Lodge when at labor, and preparing to become the Worshipful Master.

Bro. David Semersky

Junior Warden

The Junior Warden, symbolized by the Plumb, is the third-in-command, responsible for the Lodge during refreshment, arranging meals, and ensuring members maintain proper conduct, assisted by the Stewards.

Bro. Bailey Glessner


The Marshal, symbolized by Crossed Batons, organizes processions, ensures proper etiquette, and introduces visitors during Lodge sessions. It is one of the symbolic positions at the Lodge and is important for Ceremonies 

W∴ Charlies Shiery


The Treasurer, represented by Crossed Keys, manages the Lodge’s finances, collects dues, pays bills, and provides financial reports as needed. He is in charge of making sure every brother pays their dues for the Lodge


W∴ Tim Shelton


The Chaplain, symbolized by an open book, provides non-denominational prayers during meetings and rituals, serving as the spiritual leader of the Lodge. He plays a very important role in ceremonies at the lodge and performs in Lodge Degrees.

W∴ John Jeffers


The Secretary, symbolized by Crossed Quill Pens, handles all Lodge correspondence, records minutes, manages membership records, and ensures compliance with Lodge and Grand Lodge by-laws. He also plays a role in Lodge meetings.

Bro. Steven Duda

Junior Deacon

The Junior Deacon, symbolized by the Square and Compass with a Moon, assists the Senior Warden, guards the inner door, and ensures visitors are properly vouched for in coordination with the Tyler. Plays a important role in Lodge Degrees.


Bro. Ralph Ramos

Senior Deacon

The Senior Deacon, represented by the Square and Compass with the Sun, acts as the Worshipful Master’s messenger, welcoming visitors, guiding candidates during rituals, and managing the ballot box. One of most important roles in Lodg degrees.

W∴ Wayne Grisby


The Tyler, represented by the Sword, guards the Lodge door, ensuring only qualified individuals enter. He is responsible for verifying  visitors are properly attired with their Masonic aprons before allowing entry into the Lodge room.

Bro. Bill Broga

Junior Steward

The Junior Steward, also represented by the Cornucopia, assists the Senior Steward and Senior Deacon, prepares candidates. Additionally, the Junior Steward helps ensure the smooth operation of gatherings within the Lodge

Bro. William Rojas

Senior Steward

The Senior Steward, symbolized by the Cornucopia, assists the Junior Deacon, prepares candidates for rituals, and handles kitchen duties alongside the Junior Steward.



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