Masonry Fun Facts

Incredible Masonic Facts

  1. The Liberty Bell and Independence
    • Andrew McNair, a Philadelphia Mason, rang the Liberty Bell on July 8, 1776, to gather people for the reading of the Declaration of Independence. The bell later cracked while being rung for the death of Chief Justice Marshall, a Past Grand Master of Virginia.
  2. Wyoming Governors and Freemasonry
    • Between 1890 and 1951, every Governor of Wyoming, except one, was a Mason. The exception, Mrs. William A. Ross, was the wife of a Mason and a member of the Eastern Star, a female Freemason fraternity.
  3. Freemasonry under Mussolini
    • When Mussolini gained control of Italy, he declared Masonic lodges illegal and imprisoned the Grand Master, who died in captivity. Mussolini also ordered the removal of Masonic symbols, including those on Garibaldi’s monument in Rome.
  4. Charles Lindbergh’s Good Luck Charm
    • On his solo flight across the Atlantic, Charles Lindbergh wore a square and compasses on his jacket for good luck. Lindbergh was a Freemason.
  5. Signers of the Declaration of Independence
    • Eight of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons, including Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock.
  6. Bunker Hill and Freemasonry
    • During the American Revolution, the Grand Master of Massachusetts commanded rebels at Bunker Hill, while the Grand Master of England commanded English forces. The Grand Master of Massachusetts was killed in the battle.
  7. Civil War Brotherhood
    • During the American Civil War, enemy soldiers who recognized each other as Freemasons often helped and saved each other, demonstrating their loyalty to the fraternity even in wartime.
  8. Victoria Cross Awards
    • Freemasons have received 156 of the 1,361 Victoria Crosses awarded for gallantry in the presence of the enemy. During the Great War, 91 of the 634 VCs awarded were to Freemasons.
  9. Napoleon and Freemasonry
    • Although it is rumored Napoleon was a Freemason, it was never proven. However, his four brothers and many of his officers were Masons, and his wife was admitted into a French female lodge in 1804.
  10. Confederate Raiders and Masonic Jewels
    • In 1863, Confederate raiders stole the jewels of a local lodge in Versailles, IN. General John Morgan, a Mason, ensured their return the next day.
  11. Freemasons during WWII
    • Hitler believed Freemasons were tools of the Jews and estimated between 80,000 and 200,000 Freemasons were murdered under the Nazi regime.
  12. First Royal Freemason
    • Francis Stephens, the Duke of Lorraine, was the first known royal Freemason, initiated in 1731 in The Hague.
  13. Buzz Aldrin on the Moon
    • Buzz Aldrin, a Freemason, carried a special dispensation to claim the moon for the Grand Lodge of Texas during the Apollo 11 mission.
  14. Charles Darwin
    • Charles Darwin, along with his grandfather and son, was a Freemason.
  15. Freemasons and Exploration
    • Polar explorers Richard E. Byrd and Bernt Balchen, both Freemasons, dropped Masonic flags on the North and South Poles.

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