<![CDATA[OVIEDO MASONIC LODGE NO. 243 F. & A.M. - News]]>Sat, 21 Apr 2018 18:33:04 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[2017 Lodge Officers]]>Thu, 15 Dec 2016 10:16:19 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/2017-lodge-officersWe recently had our lodge officer elections! The Installation of Officers will be January 21st, 2017 with lunch starting at 12:30 PM and installation to follow at 2:00 PM.
<![CDATA[Oviedo's Newest Master Masons]]>Fri, 27 May 2016 01:21:35 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/oviedos-newest-master-masons3115734Picture
Our lodge was honored to raise four brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason: Brothers Golden and Budziak from our own Lodge and Brothers Wilson and Martins from South Seminole No. 364. The degree team did a fantastic job as did a few brothers who filled in last minute from South Seminole due some last minute sicknesses. Brother Joshua Dean did a great job in the East as did Brother Seavers who delivered a great meal of pulled pork sandwiches. Congratulations also goes out to the Past Masters Unit and to our great lecturer RW:. Bill Valentine. 

<![CDATA[Oviedo's Newest Entered Apprentice]]>Sat, 30 Apr 2016 17:14:03 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/oviedos-newest-entered-apprenticePicture

Oviedo Lodge No. 243 initiated a new Entered Apprentice Mason on Thursday, April 28th.  Congratulations to Brother Wesley Dolinski!

Brother Joshua Dean did a fantastic job again in the East!  The entire Degree Team did a a great job, and we were especially fortunate to have the Lecture delivered by Brother Timothy French of South Seminole Lodge N0. 364!

Please welcome our new Brother, and congratulate those who worked so hard to initiate him into our honorable Fraternity!

<![CDATA[Master Mason Degree]]>Thu, 10 Mar 2016 03:01:47 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/master-mason-degree1Picture
On Saturday, February 20th, Mokanna Lodge #329 held their first ever outdoor Master Mason Degree!  Six Brothers - from three different lodges - were Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, including Brothers David Howard and Jacob Manning (4th and 5th from the right) from Oviedo Lodge!.  Over 60 Brothers were in attendance, and we all enjoyed a beautiful degree and a beautiful afternoon.  

​Lunch was provided by Rainbow Assembly #134, and the gracious donations of those in attendance allowed them to make over $350 dollars!

Please congratulate Brothers Howard and Manning as Oviedo's newest Master Masons!

<![CDATA[Toy Drive 2015]]>Mon, 25 Jan 2016 00:45:18 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/toy-drive-2015Picture
On Friday, December 18th, Oviedo Masonic Lodge #243 delivered 4 LARGE boxes of toys to the Florida Hospital for Children,Walt Disney World Pavillion.

This marks the 11th year that Oviedo Lodge has participated in this worthy cause.

Tom Bryson, Past Master of Oviedo Lodge, started this annual event many years ago, and in 2005, the Lodge began participating, with toy and cash donations from its membership. In 2012, we began partnering with local businesses as well, who have been giving sizable donations for this cause.

As always, the hospital staff was very excited and appreciative of the donations . All were very hospitable giving us a tour showing where the contributions actually go for these kids in need. These contributions from our Brothers and local business partners truly helped the staff of the Child Life Program while ensuring that the children in their care will indeed have a very Merry Christmas. The toy contributions are also used throughout the year to reward children when going through tough procedures, and to keep the playrooms well stocked.

Thank you SO MUCH to all who contributed to this worthy cause !

<![CDATA[Oviedo's Newest Entered Apprentice Masons]]>Wed, 01 Jul 2015 02:02:33 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/oviedos-newest-entered-apprentice-masons1Picture
Oviedo Lodge initiated 5 new Entered Apprentices on Thursday, June 16th. Congratulations to Brothers Michael Torres, Wayne Grigsby, David Howard, Brian Denio, and Jacob Manning!!

Brother Joshua Dean did a fantastic job again in the East!  The entire Degree Team did a a great job, and we were especially fortunate to have the Lecture delivered by our District Deputy Grand Master, Right Worshipful Donald Goolsby!

Please welcome our new Brothers, and congratulate those who worked so hard to initiate them into our honorable Fraternity!

<![CDATA[New Master Masons!]]>Sun, 07 Jun 2015 22:26:21 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/new-master-masonsPicture
Oviedo Lodge Raised three new Master Masons on Thursday, May 28th. Congratulations to Brothers David Bowling, Anthony Mercado, and Josh Vincent!!

Brother Joe Tedesco did a fantastic job in the East, and the rest of the Degree Team did a a great job as well on the First Section.  Our Junior Warden, Brother Tim Brehm provided another outstanding dinner that was delicious!   And of course, the Bahia Shrine Past Masters Unit did their normally superb job with the Second Section.

Many thanks to all who participated for all of the hard work!

Please join us in congratulating these worthy Brothers for becoming the newest Masters in our honorable Fraternity!

<![CDATA[Child ID Event at Fashion Square Mall - Family Fun Day]]>Wed, 06 May 2015 02:50:27 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/child-id-event-at-fashion-square-mall-family-fun-dayPicture
Oviedo Lodge #243 held a very successful Child ID on April 25th at the Family Fun Day event, held at Orlando's Fashion Square Mall.  Many of our Brothers gave their time to support this all-day event, where over 50 local kids were fingerprinted and photographed.  Their parents were provided with a CD containing this and other important information about their child.  If the unthinkable should ever happen, they can quickly give this CD to the authorities to help in locating their missing child.

Also contained on the CD is a formatted ID Card, which can be printed out and laminated for their child.  This is a free service, provided by Oviedo Masonic Lodge... but of course donations are always appreciated, to help offset the costs of the materials.

A big THANK YOU to all the Brothers that supported this worthy effort!  Freemason charity in action!!!

<![CDATA[Oviedo's Newest Entered Apprentice Masons]]>Sun, 19 Apr 2015 22:51:30 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/oviedos-newest-entered-apprentice-masonsPicture
Oviedo Lodge initiated 2 new Entered Apprentices on Thursday, April 16th. Congratulations to Brothers John Berglowe and Ivan Golden!!

Brother Joshua Dean did a fantastic job in the East!  The entire Degree Team did a a great job, especially given everyone was in their particular position for the first time ever!

Please welcome our new Brothers, and congratulate those who worked so hard to initiate them into our honorable Fraternity!

<![CDATA[Oviedo's Newest Master Masons]]>Sun, 29 Mar 2015 01:36:21 GMThttp://oviedolodge.org/news/oviedos-newest-master-masons1Picture
On March 16th, 2015, Oviedo Lodge No. 243 - with the assistance of the Bahia Shrine Past Masters Unit - conducted a Master Mason Degree for three Brothers.

Congratulations to newly raised Master Masons Cody Campo, Erik Swanson, and Tomm Hildebrandt! You guys have made us all proud and we look forward to your moving forward in your Masonic careers!